Morning Miscellany …………………

20 Aug

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Top six items..

Burglars grab…


This is the Islamic State..

And their ‘tolerance’ of those that ‘differ’.

Sounds like a group of wing nuts closer to home…


Is Obama behind ‘race’ war?


If the Governor, of a Conservative State, can be ‘Booked’ On ‘Abuse of Power’ charges..

Then why the hell is Obama still ‘free’?


Do you have a plan?


Most of us need a break from work and take a vacation..

Obama took a break from vacation to ‘work’ and I use that term loosely in Obama’s case..

Screw America would be a better term then work in his case..



This Brit makes and absurd claim..

How many suicide bombers have ‘Creationists’ produced?


Religion of Pieces…



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