Morning Miscellany ……………..

13 Aug

Freedom Is Just Another Word...


Not a fan of Israel…

Not concerned about their survival..

Won’t support a Ally, will support the Islamic Terrorists trying to destroy them..


Finger pointing  and laying blame..

Obama does it all the time…

Now someone points it back at Obama..

And points out his Foreign Policy or lack thereof…


What in ‘free’ country during times of trouble and unrest?

That has the Right to Bear arms..

They use those arms to defend themselves and their property..

As it should be..


The ‘South’ is holding America hostage!

According to ultra Left Salon..

And it would be best if the ‘neoconservatives’ would secede..


Useless words..

From wrong again Obama..


Police cannot, won’t protect you..


Because it is apparently ‘unconstitutional’..

Even though they can disarm you..

Making you a victim..



But how far from the truth is it?


And these ‘people’ are Professors..

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