Morning Miscellany ………………

9 Aug

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The UN threatens Israel…

They laugh…

The UN says Israel is bad..

For not sharing ‘Iron Dome’ with Hamas..

Israel says ‘WTF’?


This is crap..

Why should ‘civilians’ NOT be allowed body armor?

Of course it is Kalifornistan..

And the State must Rule all!!


Now GloBull Warming causes..

Kidney stones??


Scare Jesse Ventura…

Buy this…


Obama’s visitors..

The ones he would like to emulate?


Obama shame…

And more fail from the SOB…


Turkish goon tells ‘shameless’ female journalist..

To know your place!!

How well would THAT go over in America..

Where femNAZIs whine about birth control and abortion!!

More ‘War on Women’..

ISIS capturing hundreds of women in Iraq…

You know how this will turn out..

Survival bike?



8 minutes…

For the cops to show…

Good thing this young man had his gun..

And saved his Mom..

Of course the Everytown…

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