Morning Miscellany ……………

7 Aug

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

If Obama does not want one to go to something…

Like the Gun Rights Policy Conference..

Well then..

One should damn well go!!


Read this..


Trickle-Down Tyranny: Cop Doesn’t ‘Give A Damn’ About Constitution Because Obama Doesn’t

A New Jersey police officer refusing to entertain a citizen’s complaints about 1st and 4th Amendment violations recently made it crystal clear how disregard for liberty and the law of the land is a trickle-down problem.


Gun Owners of America’s Open Letter to President Barack H. Obama Regarding 2A

On behalf of one of the largest and oldest firearms rights groups in the United States, we respectfully suggest that the White House replace the erroneous explanation of the Second Amendment at once..



Those Right Wing Legal Gun owners and Carry permit holders..

Are a lot more law abiding then the general public…

And more so then the…

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