Morning Miscellany ………………

30 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

No gun used..

So no outcry…

Car attacks zombies..

SUV kills..

Media ignores..

Does not fit their agenda…


Homeless in LA?

We have a place for you..

And a chip…



Aiding and abetting criminals..


John Kerry….

Hamas attorney.


Jesse Ventura…


And another view..

Warning: Language, but nothing I would not call Ventura!


Good guns!!

Was the wrong house for these thugs…

Of course the media along with the gun grabbing crowd hates this type of story…



Washington DC has more thugs, bullies and corruption then anywhere else in the US of A…Well maybe Chicago runs a close second..

So a person should be armed while in the cesspool.


Dramatic ad?

Shows why one should be armed and prepared..

She was on the phone with 911..

She was all alone and defenseless..

No cop magically appeared to protect her..

She lost ..

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