Morning Miscellany ……………..

28 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Mexico is ‘upset’?

Tough, is our border, they are the invaders..


On one side we have thugs and terrorists launching missiles on a civilian population.’

On the other we have the nation being attacked defending themselves..

And being called ‘NAZIS” by the pointless and useless United Nations..

Which is filled with tinpot dictators and despots.

I choose Israel..

And we have John Kerry, spineless, traitorous, rich LIEberal telling Israel to cave and give it up to HAMAS..

Israel ignores Kerry..GOOD!



Minnesota’s own lefty clown Al Franken so accused!!

The 2nd Democrat to be accused was Franken..

Here is another!!


 Giving up Rights for politicians is wrong..

Politicians were once people also, now…

Remember people and fools…We were all created equal..

Is men placed in power by whatever means that has made us ‘unequal’..

And Washington is just about the worst for power hungry, greedy thugs..

So one…

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