The revolution will be complete when the language is perfect

26 Jul

America's Watchtower

 Political correctness is in my opinion an attempt at controlling the masses by influencing the language and the thought process of the people. How many times have you said something only to be told that you should not say it because it is not politically correct? That does not mean that what you said is not relevant or true, it simply means you should not say it.

  When this happens you are attacked as a racist, or as being insensitive, or as a misogynist, or as being anti-this or anti-that all for expressing an opinion on a divisive issue. In some cases this might be true but in many cases it is not.

  This is purposely done to intimidate a person into not speaking his or her mind, but worse yet it is designed to change your way of thinking into falling in line with whatever agenda you…

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