Miscellany ………………….

26 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...


Tom Petty joins in on the debate..

And for the most part..wrong..


ATF states guns are the problem..

No the ATF and Obama and gun grabbers are the problem..

They target an inanimate object..

Which is stupid..


And you wonder why Obama selected Biden as VP?

More stupidity from the VP..

Think about that the next time impeaching Obama comes up..


Good gun..


Obama a terrorist?

We knew this..

Now the FBI does also..


1.6 % of the population..


And  those that ‘oppose’ them..

In other words disagree with their lifestyle..

Should be ‘Ruthlessly’ stamped out…


I have plenty of ammo for them..

If they come stamping..I’ll be shooting..


GloBull warming is rampant it appears..




Book Banning..

Is here..


Moral Right?

Miller-Young, who specializes in queer theory, black film and pornography, later told cops she felt…

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