DHS is creating fake Twitter and Facebook profiles in order to track American citizens

25 Jul

America's Watchtower

   Matt over at Conservative Hideout had a post this morning called,SOPA and the Blogger: Potential for Censorship?” and in this post he questioned whether SOPA would one day he used to censor websites and blogs which were opposed to the government. In case you are not familiar with SOPA: SOPA is an acronym for the Stop Online Piracy Act and its intent is to do just that, crack down on websites which are illegally distributing copyrighted music and movies. And while this is a just cause Matt has a great point.

  There is one thing that we know about the federal government and government agencies; once they have a power not only do they not relinquish that power but they expand that power. Is it unreasonable to believe that the scope of SOPA would one day be used to crack down on more than just piracy website, even reaching into…

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