Miscellany ……………

24 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Shotguns with silencer..

What could be wrong with that?



Obama’s America!

Mexican gang member is dead after a shootout with the police near the Texas-Mexican border. Hope and gangs, shootouts, and drugs; this is Obama’s America.


Guns welcome..

Brings in business!

Imagine that and think what anti gun rich mobster and thug Bloomberg thinks about it!



Illegals have had enough and are making demands???

I demand we round them up and ship their asses back to wherever the cam from!!

Leave my beef alone..


She is none to bright..

Ditz comes to mind..


That Other ‘Dead Broke’ Democrat

The most despised political constituents in America are rich liberals, the self-anointed “intelligentsia” who lord over the Leftist proletariat, and are tolerated only for the graft they dispense to all manner of liberal causes and campaigns.


Ted gets cancelled..

By LIEberals playing…

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