Morning Miscellany ………………

18 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The Anti Life, Anti Gun crowd does not believe in public opinion, which is against them..

Nor the fact that 100 million Americans own 300 million guns..

They should really think about that, as the People are beginning to show they frustration and anger at the Progressives (LIEberal Socialists) that wat to deny Americans their Rights to life and freedom..

“Face facts. Gun rights are life rights. Without a right to defend life, you have no right to life. You may need a gun to defend a life or lives. Without a right to a gun, you have no right to life.”


Best ban those cartoons..

Because is for the children..

The child in me laughs at them, the one that grew up watching said cartoons..

Now, you have feature length movies filled with violence and guns..

But lets ban those evil cartoons..

These people are idiots..



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