What Would Campaign Ads Look Like If Politicians Were Honest? (Videos)

16 Jul

The Daley Gator

ust in time for the summer campaign season, when TV airwaves are inundated with ads touting one candidate over another, a group has produced several videos that show us what politicians would really say if they were truly being honest.

As might be expected, there are plenty of references to campaign donations.

The ads feature a faux candidate “Honest Gil” Fulbright, a very likable fellow who lays the truth out there, and he does such a good job, viewers may still be encouraged to vote for him.

Fulbright even has his , where he tells visitors: “I’m running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, but I’m not going to talk to you about ‘jobs’ and the ‘middle class.’ People without jobs can’t afford to donate to my campaign. And the middle class, well, they’ll be gone soon anyway.”

The group is behind the ads, and according to their website, they “are…

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