Miscellany ……………….

16 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Suspicious terroristic activity ..

Taking pictures of…



Ultra Lib, talking head, general asshat…

Bill Maher..

Libs eating their own..

Which isn’t a bad thing…


Say what?

Improved nothing..

Do we need to go through the long list where Islamist’s are killing people?

More today then before the current regime took over..


Pretty damn pathetic if you asked me…

Not that nobody does..

But killing Archie in what is a publicity stunt?



Obummer wants the power..

To tell us what to do, over any medium, at any time..

Good thing there are off buttons..


Nurse with a gun..

Shoots punk trying to carjack her..

How will the anti’s spin this.??


Gun free zone declared in Honduras..

And it fails…


“John, every one of them, because the NRA will run a tea-bagger against you…they’ll put 5 million bucks against you.”
Joe Biden

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