U.S. cops shoot a family dog every 98 minutes; why so much violence?

15 Jul

ACGR's "News with Attitude"

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Incidences of police shooting dogs that aren’t a threat is on the rise. It’s called “puppycide.” All too often, family dogs are killed on the premises of homes where their non-violent and non-criminal human owners live. As the numbers of dogs of all types are killed with or without very little provocation, the police circle their wagons and explain that procedures were followed properly, or they don’t respond to queries at all.

There are exceptions where a cop shooting a dog could be exonerated. One such episode was highly publicized with videos that went viral when Leon Rosby’s large Rottweiler was shot and killed. The whole thing could have been prevented had Leon not brought his dog to an area of police activity while he openly taunted them for several minutes.

Instead of taking the dog home, Leon left the dog unattended in his car…

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