Miscellany ……………………

12 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Russia declares US 2nd rate?

Well we do have Obama and his legions..Which are not helping!
But Russia?

What the heck do they have going for them?




What would cause Obama to claim this?


Call the Waaaaaambulance!
Obama has another meltdown..

Because he is not getting his way..


No Schumer you LIEberal asswipe!
We can have it both ways..

This is America and dammit your pushing us into a corner..


LIEberals always wanting to kill those whom do not agree with them and stand against them…

Does one need any other reason then that alone to carry and be prepared to use a gun?


Scams and lies and threats…are all the Gun Grabbing left has..

Facts and truth are to be ignored..


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  1. MaddMedic July 12, 2014 at 4:00 pm #


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