The 100%, Unadulterated TRUTH About Our Illegal Alien Issue

10 Jul

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An art collage from January 2014

If 1/2 of this nation turns to God, Jew and Christian alike, all sects, denominations.. God CAN stop the influx of illegals with these diseases.  He CAN.  Turn your hearts to the creator of the universe: God, Jehovah, Elohim, HaShem.  Jews:  Turn back to the Torah & forsake the Liberal ‘g’od.  Christians turn back to pure Christianity.    That is the ONLY way.  There is no other way.  NO president can change anything if the godly people will not turn to God with their whole hearts.

Read the blessings and curses of a nation who puts their hope in God and those who turn their back –  Torah: 

Deuteronomy 28 / Hebrew – English Bible / Mechon-Mamre

Bible gateway:

Deuteronomy 28 –

They’re both the same.  And, God does NOT change.  His blessings and curses are forever.

Repent America. (Europe also)

And, illegals and your supporters:  you are just tools…

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