How the Fourteenth Amendment Empowers Congress to End Birthright Citizenship

7 Jul

ACGR's "News with Attitude"

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mexican-flag-us-flagIf an illegal alien has a child on American soil, the Constitution does not require the child be granted American citizenship. Congress can give citizenship to anyone it wants, but the Fourteenth Amendment only commands citizenship to persons born on U.S. soil to parents who are not citizens of a foreign country.

Part of the chaos on America’s southern border is driven by illegal aliens seeking to have “anchor babies.” Under the current Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), if an illegal alien has a baby on U.S. soil, that baby is an American citizen.

Since all citizens have a right to be here, the illegal adult then cites the need to keep families together as justifying the parents’ staying in the U.S. for the rest of their lives, and “family reunification” is cited as grounds for bringing the rest of the family to the United…

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