Morning Miscellany ……………………

2 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The US of A’s flag a threat?

In the US of A?

No the threat will be to you whom tell me I cannot display it!!

North Carolina going the way of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Kalifornistan?

On gun control?

With Repuplikans backing it?


Awww…the Boy King Obama getting his poor little feelings hurt..

Because things are not going his way..

Tough shit asshole!!


Here come the Boy King’s threats and tantrums for not getting his way and SCOTUS disagreeing with him!!

The president immediately began licking his wounds, whining about how nobody likes him, and then moving immediately into a full scale temper tantrum.

My kids even when toddlers never acted like this immature brat!!


Obama’s corruption not going over so well and Americans feeling a bit less free..


Blame the DemocRATS, they have encourage poverty by never actually helping those…

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