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1 Jul

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Nothing like a ‘well-trained’ gun to protect your self, family and property..

When attacked by a knife, is a good thing that the ‘well-trained’ gun was there..

Since the left likes to ‘blame’ the gun, might as well show the ‘gun’ not the ‘victim’ as the savior!!


Another ‘well-trained’ gun, a shotgun, holds off a machete!!

Good thing otherwise machete would have injured or killed victim!!

Gun rights expanding in some states..

In others not so much..

In Minnesota, we are ‘maintaining’!

Just barely it appears.

And no thanks to the NRA

After the Minnesota bill passed, Minnesota Democratic State Rep. Dan Schoen said: “The NRA has been really good to work with on this particular issue. It pains me to say, but they have been.”



Not only is Hobby Lobby denying contraceptives to employees (/snark)

They are forcing higher then average wages on both full…

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