Morning Miscellany ………………

28 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...


A rebellion?

Obama already has!!!


Wishy washy courts..

Protecting or denying our 2nd Amendment Rights!

Depends on which way the wind is blowing..

Left or Right!!

Obama continues to lie, or maybe it is because he has no clue..

About the laws Washington has passed?

Maybe he should do a little fact checking..

But we know how well the left likes facts..

Since they tend to prove them wrong, or lying!!


Not responsible?

For their actions?

Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia so says about Black men..

Nutter hmm.

Nothing to do with not providing a strong economy, a good education and providing a solid family support..

Nope, just give them free handouts, and lots of idle time…


More stupid…

From the anti gun crowd of morons..

Most of the so called ‘mass murderers’ are leftists, most are to young to have watched Looney Tunes.

Instead exposed…

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