Morning Miscellany ……..

27 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Conservative Tribune: 

Banning Big Soda!

Liberals seem to live in a constant state of daydreaming, as they contemplate ways to manipulate humanity’s behavior through endless regulations designed to alter a human’s environment. They truly think, despite common sense and logic dictating otherwise, that the government knows what’s best for the people, and that individuals are incapable of making the “right” choice.

Nanny State gets it’s hands slapped…


Conservative Tribune:

Power grab Appointments..

Barack Obama is getting a strong reminder that as much as he desires for his power as president to be unlimited, that’s a fantasy that will have to remain in his imagination. Obama, not one to let the law get in his way, has attempted to use his recess appointment power to install nominees of….

Poor wannabe Boy King Obama gets his hands slapped..


Atlas Shrugs:

Supporting Jihad!

Exhibiting the hubris of a jihadi, President Obama…

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