Morning Miscellany …………………….

23 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

While Buck Ofama’spolicies are failing.

And Islamic terrorism gets stronger..

And instead of dealing with the slaughter of innocents by same Islamic terrorists (aka. raghead, goat screwing, pedophiles)

We have SoS John Kerry running aboutclaiming and promoting the hoax of Global Warming..

And name calling, along with his pointless Boss Obama..

We hear more and more ‘Climate Change/Global Warming’ being proved a hoax…

And with the Media failing to be a worthy source of real news and reporting, as this shows Americans have little faith in them..

What a sorry State of Affairs we are in today..


Sometimes one wonders about the Judicial process..

But actually the judicial process is fine..

It’s certain Judges whom seem to be the problem..


 Was Biden playing around with his’squirt gun’ when he threatened journalists..



This whole Redskins vs the Federal Government has been a pointless exercise in distraction..


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