Morning Miscellany ………….

21 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Let us place a bet, I’ll show you my gun and bet you don’t have one..

Oops….You lose..

I do have a gun!!!

Getting a clue yet Obama?

Appears people have had enough of your crap..

And are speaking out about your illegal ALIEN invasion…


In fact Obama..

They are getting so sick of your crap..

They are taking matters into their own hands..

And defending our borders from your illegal Alien invasion..


Obama and his pals…

The Taliban and Moslem Brotherhood..


America needs Americans to be armed..

Look at Washington and think about what the Obama Regime is doing..


A common sense letter to Obama and his lack of common sense when it comes to ‘gun laws’.


Well we know this..


Obama impeached?

Think about whom replaces him..

Biden! Dumber then a rock..


The lame DemocRATS..

Ignore the real problems…

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