Judge throws out Florida phone spying case after Federal Marshals seize the documents

21 Jun

America's Watchtower

  This is a quick update to this story which I wrote about on June 4th.

  First, a quick summary: the ACLU was set to view documents under a FOIA request which were related to the Florida Police Department’s use of a device called a Stingray. A Stingray is a device which can set up a fake cellphone tower and trick cellphones into connecting to it. Once this link is established the police can then use this technology to locate the user, read texts, and listen in as well. The ACLU was concerned that the police were not getting a proper probable-cause warrant and on the very day they were to review the documents Federal Marshals raided the police department and seized all the documents using the Homeland Security Act as justification.

  Now for the update but it should not surprise you.


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