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19 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Supreme Court upholds law criminalizing the legal purchase and transfer of a handgun.

Making a legal purchase by a legitimate citizen into a crime.

Then following Federal laws in transferring it to another citizen into a crime!

How does that work?

Other then to turn honest folks into outlaws?

Guess we will all be outlaws before they are finished…

So be it.


Target in the center of the Gun controversy…

Will talk with Shannon Watts of Bloomberg’s anti gun cartel..In New York..

But not with the President of Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance..

So he sent the CEO of Target a letter..


When a leading ‘face’ of the gun grabbers..

Resigns and admits gun control does not work..

Thats gotta hurt..


UN ‘Peace Keeping’ armored vehicles on American soil?


Where is the fighting at?



Is all this is..

Politicians using Government bureaucracies to bully…

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