Morning Miscellany ……………

18 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Freedom and Urine


CNN reports (now thats news!) that the Obama Administration threatened families of Benghazi witnesses.

Now that’s not a shocker..

Obama’s Regime gets more like the Mafia everyday!

Oh hell no..

Tell the children to hide under brightly covered blankets to ‘hide’ from those intent on murdering them?

Someone please explain how that is going to work!


The FDA. Another Obama despotic agency..

Wants to ‘limit’ your salt intake!!

I say lets ‘limit’ government!!


And something a bit different now..

Best guns for Hog hunting…

The Remington 7600? Yep only a 760, in 35 Remington..Is soon to be mine..

Which is on my bucket list of things to do while I still am able..


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