Morning Miscellany ………………..

14 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Jerkass Joe Biden wants a constant stream of illegals coming into America..

Hey Jerkass Joe!!
Who the hell is taking care of them?

I’m broke!!

There are no jobs for my kids, the economy suck and you want what?


Remember Al-Qaeda is ‘Deciminated’ and ‘On the Run’ at least that is what that asshat in DC would have you believe..

Then why and how are they conquering Iraq?

Answer me that Buck Ofama!!

 Obama only lies..

If he ever told the truth…

It would still be a lie!!

And he wants one thing..

Your guns..

Through confiscation..

Did you hear about the good guys with guns whom stopped a derange High School shooter?


Well here you go…

More Lame Stream Media ignorance and biASS!



Labeled the American Civil Liberties Union..

Bullies…Stuffed by High School Students..


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