Morning Miscellany ……………………

12 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...


In Montana.

Government thugs invade town.


A little truth.

On what is really going on.

With Obama’s 5 terrorists for 1 deserter trade?


Another murdering Moslem gets promoted in Obama’s Administration…

Whose side is Obama on?


 Biden pushing the New World Order..

Let’s use the military to make it happen..


The hypocrisy of the Alphabet lame stream media…

Ignoring Moslem terrorists..

And turning Americans into terrorists..

So be it..


Tyranny is when Government has no boundaries..

And Obama acts like it..

And our Legislative Branch ignores it..


Molon Labe Obama…

You best know what that means..

Your making demands now that will lead to nothing but trouble..

Your and asshole Obama.


So much for the 10th Amendment…


Go sign the petition.

Not that it means a damn thing.

Just to show Obama how much he disgusts Americans.


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