Massive blimps over Maryland to conduct 24/7 domestic aerial surveillance

12 Jun

ACGR's "News with Attitude"

Darlene Storm
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Around October 1, people in Maryland will wonder what are those two huge objects in the sky? It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s a . . . pair of high-dollar blimps capable of conducting surveillance 24/7 without blinking or sleeping, staying aloft for 30 days in a row, because the military and Raytheon say, “The threat is real.”

aerostat_airship_aka_surveillance_blimpOfficials don’t flat out say the terrorist threat, but they mention threats like anti-ship cruise missiles, drones with 10-foot wing spans, tactical ballistic missiles, large caliber rockets, and moving surface vehicles like swarming boats, mine-laying ships, automobiles and tanks. Marc Rotenberg executive director of The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) believes the threat is real all right, the threat to privacy that is. He said, “When the government is conducting real-time aerial surveillance within the United States, there are privacy issues that…

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