NSA: We’re Too Big to Comply with Court Orders

11 Jun

ACGR's "News with Attitude"

Mikael Thalen
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Spy_NSAAgency claims providing judge with surveillance info violates privacy

The National Security Agency refused to comply with a federal judge this week, arguing that they are just too big and complex to do so.

Responding to a court ruling that demanded the agency stop destroying evidence related to domestic surveillance, the NSA claimed that compliance with the court order “would be a massive and uncertain endeavor,” likely resulting in “severe operational difficulties that could jeopardize national security.”

The order stems from a 2008 lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that aims to uncover details of the agency’s domestic phone and internet surveillance programs.

“The public has a fundamental right to know how the federal government is interpreting surveillance and privacy laws,” EFF Senior Counsel David Sobel said. “If the Office of Legal Counsel has interpreted away federal privacy protections in secret, the public…

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