Morning Miscellany ……………….

11 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The Military has a comprehensive plan to deal with a Right Wing Extremist Zombie Apocalypse.

Yeah they are ready for you Right Wingers Zombies..

USA Zombie Survival Plan – CONPLAN 8888


At least some are not acknowledging the killers..Pasting their names and images all over the place and ignoring the victim..

Of course it is not the Lame Stream propaganda machine in the US..

But in Canada..


 Fists more lethal then firearms…According to the FBI.

Taken together, the rate of murder by fists and hammers was nearly 100 percent higher than the rate of murder by rifles or shotguns.

So why then is there no anti fists groups out there clamoring away?

Ban fists!!!


Armed Tellers..

In a bank!

Now that is a novel idea!!

Protect our money!

Now get smart and arm teachers!

Protect the children!!


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