Congressman Gosar To File For Eric Holder’s Impeachment Over Illegal Alien Smuggling

10 Jun

The Daley Gator

Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) told U.S. News that the plans to either draft articles of or co-sponsor and add his name as the 27th to an existing impeachment bill that was introduced in November by fellow Congressman Pete Olson (R-TX).

While the general lawlessness of the Obama/Holder regime has taken many objectionable forms, the final straw for Gosar is what he calls his “illegal alien smuggling,” his complicit disengagement from enforcement and implied consent to the ongoing activity as it relates to the transport and release of illegal aliens in Arizona by the DHS.

In a Thursday press release, Gosar said, “Flooding our streets with illegal aliens who are being abandoned without resources is not just inhumane and cruel, it is a crime and federal law bans alien smuggling.” He continues, saying, “This is the most lawless administration in history… It starts at the top with Eric Holder and if…

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