Morning Miscellany ……

9 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...


Code compliance?

Some cities are way out of line..

Including the one I live in that dictates no garbage disposals and the latest..No three car garages on new residential home construction..


We elect idiots to do this crap?



Ethics? What are ethics?

Using government agencies to oppress those that oppose them.

Now face ethics charges…

And our very own Al Franken amongst them….

It also specifically cites Charles Schumer of New York, who was the lead author of letters to the IRS signed by Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire; Tom Udall of New Mexico; Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island; Al Franken of Minnesota; Michael Bennet of Colorado; and Jeff Merkley of Oregon.


Gun control will not cause thugs to think differently…Nor will it make it difficult to obtain weapons..Think about the war on drugs..

But some think differently..

Like Chicago.

Where they have had…

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