Snark…From the People’s Cube…

5 Jun

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Bergdahl Isn’t a Hero

Obama’s man came down to the white house
He was leading us from behind
I looked across and there I saw Bergdahl
Who went and joined the other side
His jihad dad was near his shoulder
This bearded father jihadi
From where I stood I saw he was lyin’
And through his words I heard him say

Bergdahl, isn’t a hero, He was a fool with his life
Bergdahl, isn’t a hero, You cost six brave men their lives
As he started to go he said, “Hates, America so.”
Bergdahl, isn’t a hero, He’s dead to me.

The platoon went searching the hillsides
The jihadis were all around
The sergeant said, We’ve got to zip our lips
Got to protect this piece of sh*t
He’s a deserter turned on us
He cost us all some extra men
And Bergdahl’s hand was shown in a moment

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