Yep, some people are just CRAZY!

31 May

The Daley Gator

Every time we have a mass shooting, or mass murder we have the same question. Why? And, all of us want to find something to blame don’t we? And, we all see to miss the most obvious thing. The Left will blame guns, as if guns are able to control people’s actions. they will also blame society, or some other “social injustice”. The Left will, at some point blame climate change. Tell me they won’t. The Right, sadly, will blame Hollywood or video games. Let me address that bit of idiocy for a moment. Tens of millions of people play the violent video games and watch the same violent movies, and do no harm to anyone. Why? Because they are sane, mass killers like Elliot Rodger, on the other hand are, let me be clear, FUCKING CRAZY! They are nuts, a sandwich short of a picnic basket, loopy, touched in…

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