Have You Noticed? Everything bad ‘Sky-Rockets’ Under Obama

28 May

Nice Deb

The VA scandal continues to get horrifically worse every day and the president’s inappropriate response to it, thus far, is causing  people to wonder  how he can be so clueless and incompetent. Some are blaming it on the government leviathan:

The VA and ObamaCare look quite symptomatic of Big Government to me.  It’s all about cover-ups, cooking the books, wasting huge piles of taxpayer money – the VA is an under-funded agency that still managed to blow millions on plump administrator bonuses and expensive office renovations – and shifting the blame.  You get the same thing from every quarter of Big Government.

Echoes of every Obama-era scandal, plus quite a few that came before him, can be seen in the VA mess, from the White House’s hilariously clumsy attempt to pretend it held someone accountable and fired him, to GSA-style frittering away of taxpayer cash on luxuries, to the…

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