Liberalism is an Ideology of Pessimism. Undeniable Truth #2 about Liberalism

19 May

The Daley Gator

Years ago, when I wrote weekly columns for various newspapers and websites I wrote a piece about how the Right was optimistic, and the Left pessimistic. That idea struck me over time. I watched, read and listened to Liberals and no matter what the topic was, they always seemed angry, embittered, and oddest of all they seemed strangely happy to be angry and bitter. It seemed that being a victim was the goal of every Liberal. And not just being a victim mind you, but being the biggest victim, or at least a member of a victim group. What a strange thing to aspire to, what a sad thing to aspire to. And the “victims” were not just poor people, no, actors, professors, politicians, very successful people who were Liberal seemed stuck on this victim mantra too. I began to visualize a line of Liberals singing new words to that…

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