Miscellany ………………

9 May

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Can’t have people owning those dangerous, assault, automatic .22’s!!!


Obama smashed by MASH actor!


Of course Shillary sees no ‘reason’ for a Benghazi investigation..

She saw no reason to save the Americans murdered there..


Shillary thinks even ‘licensed’ gun owners cannot be trusted..

Now that’s damn funny coming from a Clinton..


Top Billionaires Meet In NYC To Discuss Population Control


Barack Obama and the Monsanto betrayal


Grandma ambushed in her driveway in Detroit..

Fights back with her gun and saves self..

Now what would the gun grabbing asswipes have her do?

Oh yeah..be a dead victim is what!


Oh Oh. Another study the gun grabbers will hate, a fact filled one..

From Purdue University..

Guns save lives!! Especially in schools!!!


5 million vs Bloomberg..


NRA Celebrities…Has apparently caused lefty panties to bundle up..


Obama death list…

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