Fussy’s Take on the Bundy Ranch, Benghazi, and Her Taxpayer-Funded Race Change Operation

9 May

Fuzzy Logic

Fussy here.  I really wish that our guys at the FCC or the NSA could make it so’s I could have my own log in, but hey, I can use that Fuzzy person’s, so it doesn’t matter.  Wanna know her password?  I have it.  Obviously.  And so does everyone from the Cincinnati office of the IRS to the Muslim Outreach and Pep Talk Agency (formerly known as NASA).  But anyways, since she’s not posting, I thought I’d offer my rebuttal to all you rightwing nutjobs on the events of the day.

About that Bundy ranch family of domestic terrorists.  Duuuuude.  Seriously?  You go 20 years without paying your grazing fees and expect the federal government NOT to drone you into a dust puddle?  Hmph!  I have no patience with such idiocy.  And that claim that BLM slaughtered that domestic terrorist’s cattle?  It’s like John Milton wrote in Paradise Road

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