You Might Be….

6 May

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

I’ll have to share this with some LEOs I work with…

From Police One…

You Might Be a Small Town Cop If:

1.) You ever got a call from the Mayor asking why you stopped his cousin because he heard it on the scanner.

2.) You got on the radio and asked another cop if you know where Bobby Ray is and Bobby Ray shows up at the station five minutes later because he heard you were looking for him.

3.) Your backup had to be called at home, then had to go down to the station to get a patrol car, then drive 20 miles to your location (and if you’re the only one available and the bar fight call comes in, well, you handle it.)

4.) You can get a middle-aged bully to shut down by asking, “What would your momma think if she knew how you’re acting?”

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