Introducing FCC-Mandated Guest Blogger, Fussy Slippers

6 May

Fuzzy Logic

Special note from the FCC:  In keeping with EO 31,343,667, this rightwing nutjob blog has been assigned a rational (i.e. progressive) guest blogger who will be offering the now-required balancing viewpoint to the Fox News-inspired, Koch brothers-funded (well, probably), domestic “terrorist” viewpoint.  The blogger assigned to this blog has a life-long affiliation with the progressive movement and is an environmentalist-occupier-vegan-social justice community organizer who majored in postcolonialist-feminist-Marxist-women’s studies education and frequently and randomly uses literary references and quotations to demonstrate her superior intellect as is required of all progressive bloggers.  Try not to be intimidated by her obvious superiority because you are required, by presidential decree, to read her posts.  It is preferred that you read only her posts, but this is still a free country. For now.

Wow!  That’s some intro from my brother-in-law, huh?   I’d so totally blush if I were capable of pride, which I am…

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