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Stopping Tyranny – Charge Obama Administration Under RICO

15 Oct


Is it possible to even stop this downward slide we know we are in as a society, country, economy?  I do not like the idea of fate.  I like the idea that we can do anything if we are agreed, and yet it also seems there is prophecy which I also believe in and see happening daily.  Of course, prophecy is not just telling us what is going to happen as if we have no say in it.  No, prophecy is more like a reporter telling us what happened after the fact only they are like a time traveler.  They see it all happen, then go back in time and tell us and voila, “PROPHECY”!

I know the elites want us to feel helpless and thus do nothing to stop them.  This article about RICO and Obama is interesting. I respect those who visit this blog because I know you…

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